FMD at Work

FMD at Work

Here's a glimpse of our dedicated team in action...providing specialized services to address each and every one of our customers' unique distribution and warehousing needs.


Office equipment, large or small, shipping and receiving handles it all.

Top view of man worker or technician with protective mask working in industrial factory or warehouse.

When it comes to warehouse management all hands are on deck, maintaining an active and interactive presence with warehouse personnel.

Manual Workers Working In Warehouse

Operating under strict compliance standards to ensure that all equipment is stored and handled in accordance with manufacturer specifications.

Team of warehouse workers with touchpad making revision of goods

One of our project managers conferring with a team member on a pending delivery.

Man and woman working in a warehouse. Aerial view

On a typical day at FMD inventory management is a team activity.

High angle shot of a group of factory workers having a discussion in a warehouse

Supply chain distribution manager conferring with team members on the logistics of shipping goods to a customer.